Welcomes and goodbyes - Part 3

Chelsea FC released a statement yesterday confirming their interest in Andres Villas Boas .

 'We note that the release clause of Andre Villas-Boas has been activated. We can at this time confirm our interest in him and hope to reach agreement with him on personal terms and make a further announcement in the near future.'
                                                                                                      -Chelsea F.C

Villas-Boas has paid Porto 13.3 million pounds to terminate his contract and Roman Abramovic
is beleived to have " secretly " funded the amount . No official statement has been made in this regard especially with chelsea struggling to keep up with UEFA's financial fairplay regulations .
Should Villas-boas finally join chelsea , he will almost certainly be the most expensive manager in the history of the English Premier league .

Radamel falcao might also make the move from Porto as Villa-Baos is reportedly keen on having the striker in his squad at chelsea as well . Arsenal are also in the race to attract colombian forward .

Luka Modric has said that he will start training for Tottenham on the 7th of July but does not rule out a possibility of transfer after that . Chelsea are very keen to get the playmaker midfielder and are ready to offer 28 million pounds plus Essien ( who is worth around 30 million pounds ) for the croatian . The Essien offer is hard to beleive because he has played the role of anchoring the central defensive midfield par excellence in the last few seasons . That is rumour I for one would not beleive ! But if the current 22 million pounds is raised to around the 30 million pound mark, Tottenham will find it hard to ignore the offer ! And with chelsea reportedly ready to fish out even upto 33 million pounds , Luka Modric seems to be an inevitable addition to Chelsea's squad for the new season !

And now I shall go back to hunting for new transfer news  , till then ciao !!


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