Hallucinations in the rain .

It's monsoon again ! It's that time of the year when the rain gods takes up the herculean task of trying to clean up the atmosphere and the earth with that magical liquid , water . There is something special about the rain that makes me feel nostalgic , sometimes bardic , it awakens
the writer in me ... or some such rubbish !

But it's true . The rain does bring back memories . What it also does , is that brings those dreaded fevers and colds and running noses and headaches and all that ! And I am one of the many unfortunate souls to become "victims" of all that !
I make this post out of frustration ! Out of helplessness ! I can barely keep my eyes open and can hardly walk from one room to another without feeling as tired as a man who has been chasing chickens for 2 hours ! My nose is red like rudolf the reindeer's and my head feels heavier than two sumo wrestlers put together !
But I am not here to complain ! I am here to ... no not that..I am here to..no not for that..I am here to..Oh what the hell..I am here to complain ! If only Blogspot was so far-reaching as to let god read this post !

It's a sad post ..I know. Only complaints . No happiness . None at all . It's one of those things a bad cold can do . But then again , what was I expecting of a bad cold? It's bad . Evil . Anti-happy .
You think I have lost it , don't you ? Truth be told , you are right . I have . And before I start blabbering nonsense about my "imaginary" pal named uyoyo I should stop this post.
Wait , did I say that out loud ?

Ok thats the limit. cya guys ! Hope to see you all soon ! Till then , YOU stay safe and don't be stupid like me to catch a cold . catch a bus .. catch a ball..not a cold .. * OK DUDE STOP ! THAT'S ENOUGH WITH THE RIDICULOUS JOKES . *


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