Face lift!

As part of Dudurudh's continued ambition to improve, both in terms of content and readership, we've decided to change the look a bit. The new layout is more dynamic and it is easier to navigate through posts than ever before. 
Once you're done reading an article, you can just close it and get back to the home page and browse through a few more. The fonts are bolder than before so that you, the reader, have a comfortable time reading our articles. 
We've done away with a proposal to have ads so that there isn't unnecessary clutter interfering with your reading experience. 
But this much, dear reader, is certain. The more we change, the more we stay the same. 

Your support keeps us going. And with that support, we will take Dudurudh forward and higher. 

Thank you once again! 
Stay safe. Stay informed.

Anirudh Dinesh
Editor-at-large, Dudurudh. 


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