AAP: Harsh Words.

Criticism of anything or anyone has thus far been kind and bottled on this blog. But when the only ray of hope in Indian politics begins to glow in tones you just don't want to see, some harsh words are in order. 
Arvind kejriwal and Co have never taken too well to criticism. If you don't agree with them, you're considered Pro-corruption and anti-national.
This, to Chief minister kejriwal and his law minister. 

Dear #AAP,
You accused a foreign national, a woman, of drug trafficking and subjected her to treatment this nation condemned when it was meted out to one of our own in the US and then even after she tests negative for the drugs, you have the bloody audacity to try and sack the cops who tried stopping you from your god damn publicity stunt raid. And you want people to make a list of "those kind of people" in their neighbourhoods? WTF does that even mean you self obsessed rats? It's probably the most irresponsible, immature, inexcusably racist thing a minister at any level could say. Your law minister has no authority to tell a cop to conduct a raid without a warrant. That he tried to influence a police officer to do it was an instance of the gross abuse of power that you so grandiosely used to oppose. 
 I understand you're trying to "clean the country", but there is such a thing as governing the godforsaken state. If you're going to sit on dharna and cry to the home minister, who will run Delhi? So far, you've made water free for people who could afford it anyway, you've halved electricity prices for them as well and you've waived off the electricity bills of people that formed your campaign. That last bit surprises me. If the congress or the BJP were to waive off electricity bills of their supporters, I am willing to bet my life on a guess that you would've dragged them through the mud for favouring their own people. It's corruption if they do it, it's a virtue if you do? 
You're not activists anymore. You might like to think that you are but you're not. You might like to believe that you're some sort of godly cross between activism and politics but you're not. You're politicians. You're playing to the gallery. You're rushing decisions and publicising every single one of them with an eye on the LS elections, knowing full well that they're disastrous in the long run. 
You've changed the political discourse in this country. That is your single biggest achievement. It's a very important achievement. But that's something you did before you formed government. With that much achieved, why are you still trying to be people pleasers unless you're looking at elections again?
Don't play the victim card now. You're not being picked on. You will not be afforded any favours when people scrutinise your governance. Populism and activism will only get you that far. There is no space or time for trial and error here. 
Move your bums from the HM's office and start governing. 

Cynic, still waiting to see what you once promised would happen. 


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