From the Editor's desk

It has been a very long time since a post has appeared on this blog and apologies for that are in order. This has been a massive year so far for a lot of reasons and this post is an announcement of something new.
The Statue of Liberty - One of the most enduring symbols of the United States of America
From the Editor's desk:
"For all the years that this blog has been active, the posts have been opinions, stories or random articles.I moved to New York a week ago and was clear in my mind that my move wouldn't affect the content on Dudurudh. But this city has thrown up some interesting stories in the short time that I've been here and that gave me an idea. #NYCDiaries. Some of the stories this city has to tell, the lessons it teaches, the incidents that one encounters, I felt, would find a home at Dudurudh. I'm not certain how long this will go on and how often it'll be updated but this is a start. Some of these posts will be short, others will be long, some will be a correct understanding of the city and others will be wrong. But the diary entries are only from what I see. A narrow description of a multi-layered city. I ask of my readers only this much - If you don't agree with something I say in these entries, please do tell. This blog has grown only from your opinions and it'll be the same with #NYCDiaries."

Stay Safe. Stay Informed!
Anirudh Dinesh,
Editor-At-Large, Dudurudh.


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