Voting Day

It's a beautiful summer morning. It's 7 in the morning- the sun hasn't woken up fully yet. Far, far away on the horizon, he's just peeping to see if anyone else is awake. In no time, he's going to be up and ready to warm the earth's graceful soil and thankless humans with his radiance. But for now, a soothing breeze has got here first. She flies around playfully, bringing some short-lived yet much needed relief to the people who don't realise how fortunate they are to be there and experience it.
By the roadside there is some activity, unusual for this time in the morning. People running around busily, wearing scarves and shirts that have printed on them symbols of political parties. Other people walking into a building, a school. Again, unusual for this time in the morning. Slowly the crowd increases. A young lady walks out of the school and smiles at me. I smile back. And then she showed me the finger. No. Not that finger. The one that was marked with indelible ink- The mark of democracy. It's voting day.

The sun seems to know that. It's not as hot as it usually is. The breeze is still playing around, keeping the sun's heat in check. The sky for the last few days has looked like a damsel's eyes in distress- swollen with tears ready to pour out. Those clouds in the evening bringing joy in the summer heat. Nature seems to be doing her bit to get you to vote. The question then is, have you done yours?

This is the largest democratic exercise in the world. Be proud of it. Be a part of it. Go out and vote. Get inked with the mark of democracy.

Stay Safe! Stay informed!

Anirudh Dinesh
Editor-At-Large, Dudurudh.


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