Happy birthday, Steve.

“The ones who think they're crazy enough to change the world, are the ones who do”

To write about Steve Jobs is, for me, the hardest thing in the world. What can you say about Steve? That he was an obsessive perfectionist with a keen eye for detail is well known. That he drove people insane with his sometimes absurd, impossible demands is also well-documented. That those absurd, impossible demands eventually came out to be products that redefined several industries is not only credit to those who worked on them, but also is testament to the visionary that was Steve Jobs.
Today, Apple isn't just the world's most valuable company. Apple sets the benchmarks. Everyone else is in a race to keep up. True, some might even be ahead. But that's what sets Apple apart. Everyone wants to be ahead of Apple but Apple sets the the mark. Steve Jobs once remarked that the idea was to create a company so imbued with creativity that it would outlive him. He did.
The magic of Steve Jobs was that he was unique. There can never be another like him. An absolute jerk who was resented by his employees for his style but loved equally by them for pushing them to make the things that changed the world.

For many, he was just a charismatic showman who succeeded in fooling people to buy whatever he sold. For many others, including self-confessed “fan boys” such as myself, Steve Jobs is more than just a sum of his achievements. I've never been within 8000 miles of the man let alone meet him. Yet, no other single person has had a bigger influence in my life. It is impossible to live a life like he did. But everyone can draw inspiration from his story. The thought that he is no more is painful. As tears begin to breach their banks at the thought, I'll draw this post to an end.

Here's to the crazy one. The one who thought he could change the world and did. The one that wanted to put a ding in the universe and did.
Steven Pauls Jobs, Happy Birthday! You'll forever be in our hearts, minds and prayers.

Image Courtesy: Huffington Post


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