Roman desires

Post the manchester united loss at old trafford , Chelsea's title quest was all but finished. From that moment on Carlo Ancelotti would have known his job was on the line. And then a draw against Newcastle United and a loss to Everton in the season finale meant C.A was going to join a line of 8 Chelsea managers in the Abramovic era , fired for not being up to the mark.

He won the domestic double in his first term as chelsea boss , and ended up empty handed in the next . Ancelotti was a fan and player favourite , still is . Was Abramovic justified in sacking this man ?

When I come to think of it from a purely business oriented perspective , he was ! Mr Abramovic owns the club . His biggest dream for the club is to win the champions league  . It's what every fan wants too ! He has spent a lot of money on the club and he expects returns and when that fails to happen , the cheque book turns into an axe . No title , no job . simple as that !

But , from a footballing perspective , what he did was unexplainable . You need to give time to a manager to build a squad , infuse young talent and get them to adapt to the first team's system . When managers change , so does the system . And therefore the process of infusing youngsters into a system is slowed down because noone is sure about if the new system is working even for the regular first team !

Having said that , noone can question Abramovic for making that decision . Frankly,noone should . After all Chelsea is his toy and he can do what he deems fit for it ! If Roman desires a change in manager so be it ! If Roman desires the inclusion of a certain striker ( read Fernando Torres or Andriy Schevchenko ) in the squad against the will of the manager (read Ancelotti or Mourinho) then so be it !

It's a strategy that's worked pretty well because it's yielded 3 premier league titles , 3 FA cups , 2 community shields and 2 league cups in 7 years ! The one thing missing from there is the champions league and I am fairly confident that it'll come soon  !

But thats all the story of the seasons gone by ! For now, the hottest debate  is about who will be chelsea's next manager ! That is for Roman to decide, so why bother speculating !( By the way , apparently Abramovic has patched up with Mourinho by gifting him a Special edition , meant-for-races Ferrari . I wonder if that means something ! ) . Anyway , The arrival of  new managers is always a fun prospect ! We've seen quite a lot of that over the years , Trust us we know !!


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